Classic Wave Splicesharkcruzer 2023

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The skateboard features include:

  1. Deck Thickness: The deck is made with 7-ply construction, which is the standard for durability, sturdiness, and pop. It offers a good balance between strength and affordability.

  2. Construction: The deck follows a traditional 7-ply construction method using maple wood. This construction style has been proven to provide a durable, sturdy, and responsive deck.

  3. Trucks: The skateboard is equipped with Bullet 160mm Trucks. These trucks are known for their strength and are guaranteed against breakage. They also feature a no-slip axle and provide a great turning ability.

  4. Wheels: The skateboard comes with Road Rider 65mm 78a Wheels. These wheels are soft and have a "gooey" feel, offering excellent grip for a smooth ride. They are particularly suitable for cruising or carving and are ideal for rough surfaces as they allow you to roll over cracks and small rocks without getting tripped up.

Note: The color of the skateboard may vary.

  1. Bearings: The skateboard is equipped with ABEC 3 Bearings. These bearings provide a smooth and moderately fast ride. They are known for their durability and reliability.

  2. Hardware: The hardware used in this skateboard is Phillips head, commonly used for skateboards.

  3. Details: The skateboard includes 1/4" risers. These risers help prevent wheel bite by adding extra clearance between the wheels and the deck. Wheel bite occurs when the wheels come into contact with the deck during sharp turns, causing the skateboard to stop suddenly. The risers help prevent this issue by increasing the space between the wheels and the deck.

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