Snowball Mitt 23-24

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Brace yourself for the Kombi Snowball Mitt, a masterpiece of design and functionality that will redefine your winter experiences. Crafted with precision and innovation, this mitt combines advanced materials and thoughtful features to ensure your hands stay warm, dry, and ready to tackle any snowy adventure.

Unparalleled Construction: The shell of the Kombi Snowball Mitt is built with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a combination of Pulse Poly and Poly Mini Ripstop. These high-performance materials ensure durability, shielding your hands from the elements while maintaining a sleek aesthetic that exudes confidence.

Enhanced Grip and Performance: Equipped with a Robo-Grip PU palm, this mitt ensures a secure and confident grip on your equipment, enabling you to maneuver with precision on the slopes. No more compromising on control – the Kombi Snowball Mitt empowers you to take charge of your winter escapades.

Engineered for Warmth: Step into a world of cozy warmth with the X-Loft® insulation featured in the Kombi Snowball Mitt. This advanced insulation technology keeps cold at bay, wrapping your hands in a cocoon of comfort while you embrace the winter wonderland.

Accu-Dri® Lining for Ultimate Comfort: The interior lining of the mitt is graced by Accu-Dri® technology, designed to wick away moisture and keep your hands dry, even during the most intense snowball battles or adventurous runs down the mountain.

Exceptional Protection: Rain or snow, the Kombi Snowball Mitt stands as a bastion of protection. Its waterproof insert ensures that your hands remain shielded from the elements, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the moment without worrying about dampness seeping through.

Supreme Comfort and Flexibility: The soft-stretch fleece cuff of the mitt embraces your wrists with a gentle touch, offering both comfort and flexibility for your every move. This thoughtful design ensures your mitt stays in place, preventing any drafts from sneaking in.

Innovative Features for Your Convenience: The Kombi Snowball Mitt includes ingenious features that make a world of difference. The soft nose wipe on the thumb enables you to maintain clarity and comfort, while the interior red Thumb-Target lining adds a touch of style and precision to your snowball launching maneuvers.

Elevate your winter experience with the Kombi Snowball Mitt, a fusion of innovation, comfort, and performance that is ready to accompany you on every snowy adventure. Whether you're building snow forts, shredding down the slopes, or simply reveling in the beauty of winter, this mitt ensures your hands are ready to face it all.

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