Totally Tubular Camo 21-22

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This multi-functional neck warmer is pocket-packable, insanely soft, and protects your face and neck from the sun, spray, windburn and cold. Made of our proprietary Comfort Shell™ fabric and coming in a variety of camo prints, the Totally Tubular™ offers all day coverage. We focus on the warmth, you focus on the hunt.

The Totally Tubular: This multi-functional tubular gaiter is lightweight but packs a punch when it comes to saving your face and neck from windburn, sun, spray and cold. Its wicking properties help to keep sweat off of your neck and forehead through every season and it stays comfortable against sensitive skin with a soft, brushed interior. Our camo patterns will help you make a statement, all while blending in. Printed on the outside and white on the inside, this piece has just one small seam up the back. With over ten ways to wear, the versatile Totally Tubular is a must-have for any hunter, fisher, skier/snowboarder, or outdoor enthusiast. Pocket-packable, it can easily be stashed away while not being worn as a neck, clava, headband, etc., making it your go-to accessory for your demanding and active lifestyle.

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