X1 / Icon Blue 23-24

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Unleash Unrivaled Vision with the Dragon X1 Goggle

Discover a new dimension of optical excellence with the Dragon X1 Goggle. Engineered to redefine your on-mountain experience, these goggles blend cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and uncompromising performance to deliver a ride that's nothing short of extraordinary.

Revolutionary LUMALENS® Technology: Step into a world of enhanced visual clarity with Dragon's signature LUMALENS® technology. Designed to optimize color vividness, increase contrast, and provide precise depth perception, LUMALENS® technology ensures you see every detail of the mountain with remarkable clarity. Say goodbye to distortion and hello to a more immersive ride.

Seamless Lens Change System: Adapt to changing light conditions effortlessly with the SwiftLock Lens Change System. Designed to make lens swapping a breeze, this innovative feature lets you transition between lenses quickly and securely, ensuring your vision remains sharp and clear throughout your ride.

Streamlined Frame Design: The X1 Goggle boasts a sleek and streamlined frame design that marries form and function. Its expanded peripheral vision allows you to fully absorb your surroundings, whether you're exploring untouched powder or charging down challenging slopes. The frame's thoughtful design minimizes bulk while maximizing vision.

Key Features for Peak Performance: Super Anti-Fog Coating - Enjoy fog-free clarity in all conditions thanks to the Super Anti-Fog coating, keeping your vision unobstructed and clear, no matter the temperature changes.

Triple-Layer Face Foam - Experience a comfortable and snug fit as the triple-layer face foam conforms to your face's contours, providing excellent cushioning and reducing pressure points.

Helmet Compatibility and Secure Fit: Helmet Compatible - The X1 Goggle is engineered to seamlessly integrate with your helmet, ensuring a secure fit that eliminates the dreaded gaper gap while optimizing airflow for exceptional ventilation.

Adjustable Strap - The silicone-backed strap keeps your goggles firmly in place, ensuring they stay put throughout your adventures.

Elevate Your Riding Experience: The Dragon X1 Goggle isn't just eyewear – it's a gateway to an elevated ride. With its fusion of advanced technology, striking design, and unwavering performance, the X1 Goggle empowers you to explore the mountain with confidence and style. From steep chutes to backcountry bliss, the Dragon X1 Goggle unlocks a world of unparalleled visual enjoyment. Elevate your ride today and experience snowboarding in a whole new light.

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