I/O Mag / Sun Valley Archive 23-24

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The Smith I/O goggles offer an exceptional viewing experience with their frameless design, allowing for an unobstructed view of the surroundings. The goggles are equipped with ChromaPop™ lenses, which enhance colors and contrast, providing a vibrant and clear view of the terrain.

One of the notable features of the I/O goggles is their anti-fog treatment, which ensures that the lenses remain clear even in challenging weather conditions. The goggles are designed to integrate seamlessly with Smith helmets, allowing for proper airflow and ventilation, which further prevents fogging and maintains a sharp view.

The quick-release lens system of the I/O goggles enables you to easily change the tint of the lenses to adapt to different lighting conditions. This feature allows you to optimize your vision based on the specific needs of the day, ensuring maximum clarity and comfort.

TLDR: the Smith I/O goggles provide a combination of frameless design, ChromaPop™ lenses, anti-fog technology, and customizable tint options, all of which contribute to an exceptional viewing experience while skiing, snowboarding, or engaging in other snow sports.

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