Gondola Ii 24-25

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About this item

  • TARGET THUMB – All of Kombi’s Kid’s gloves include a red thumb on the inside to help getting them onto your kids a little easier.
  • WATERPROOF - The Kid’s Gondola is complete with a waterproof insert.
  • INSULATION - The Gondola features X-Loft insulation. X-Loft is Kombi's proprietary synthetic insulation. Superior warmth, loft, durability, and water-resistance combine to keep hands comfortable in the toughest conditions.
  • LINING - Accu-Dri is Kombi's proprietary lining that wicks moisture and pushes it towards the shell to keep your hands dry and comfortable all day.
  • POCKET - Last but not least, the Gondola comes with a zip heat pack pocket. Perfect for those really cold days in winter when you need a bit more heat, just slide in a hand warmer pack and you’re good to go!

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