My Backyard 22-23

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My Backyard Todd Fischer art snowboard stomp pad, traction pad. Todd Fischer is a local PNW artist specializing in surf art.

Clear and grippy rubber to keep your foot on your board.

This pad is molded and produced in our Belfair Factory!

Size: 7"x 3.5"

Oneball Made in the USA


1. Clean board surface and dry completely. Use ONEBALL base cleaner, rubbing alcohol, or another solvent may be needed to get off dirt. Let the solvent dry for 10 minutes. 

2. Mark area where pad will be placed with pencil first. Peel off backing of pad. Place stomp pad in front of your back foot binding and center edge to edge.

3. Only stick once, do not move, making sure not to damage adhesive. Use your fingers to press on pad with firm pressure. Use a hair dryer or heat source to help the pad stick if you want. 

4. Let stomp pad adhere to board for a minimum of 12 hours before using. Better yet, bring your board inside your house and let the stomp pads rest overnight. 

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