Freestanding Fish Bag 4Ft 2023

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Always be prepared to care for your catch. With Dakine’s new line of heavy-duty insulated fish bags, rest assured your catch will be carefully stored and kept impeccably fresh during an all-day fishing adventure. 20mm closed cell foam insulation keeps ice from melting even during those mid-summer scorchers, while the PVC internal membrane is ultra-durable to hold up to potential fin punctures or tooth cuts.

This 2-foot freestanding model is perfect when fishing coastal or inshore waters for light-tackle gamefish; freshwater rivers, lakes, and streams; or even for spearfishing along your local ocean reefs. Ideal for keeping your boat’s deck clean and organized throughout the day, this bag is compact yet can comfortably hold your variety catch of fish taco favorites with plenty of room to pack in the ice.




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