Dozer 1T Ul Shovel 23-24

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Introducing the BCA Dozer 1T UL Shovel: Where Strength Meets Innovation

The BCA Dozer 1T UL Shovel redefines the standards of strength, innovation, and packability in avalanche rescue tools. Crafted with cutting-edge features and inspired by our iconic D-2 EXT "Dozer" shovel, this shovel delivers unmatched performance for those who demand the best. BCA's commitment to excellence shines through in every detail of this remarkable tool.

Revolutionary Ovo-Concave Shaft: Experience the pinnacle of strength and design with our ovo-concave shaft. Building on our legacy of innovation, we've refined the non-round shaft concept to make it stronger and lighter. The concave radius on both sides enhances its structural integrity while keeping weight in check. This groundbreaking design minimizes the risk of breakage while prying, providing the confidence you need in challenging conditions.

Stompable Blades for Unparalleled Versatility: Navigate through varying snow conditions with ease, thanks to our low-profile stompable blades. Designed to be your reliable companion in the backcountry, these blades are optimized for packability and performance. When seconds matter, the BCA Dozer 1T UL Shovel delivers quick and efficient snow movement for avalanche rescue.

Thoughtful Handle Innovation: Our shovels are designed with user experience at the forefront. The wide range of cored-out handles ensures that BCA shovels are stronger, lighter, and more packable than ever before. Drawing inspiration from high-performance lacrosse sticks, the handle shape offers improved grip in the palm, reducing slippage during shoveling. This design enhances both efficiency and comfort during critical moments.

Meet the UIAA Standard with Confidence: All BCA extendable models, including the Dozer 1T UL Shovel, adhere to the stringent UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels. We take pride in providing you with tools that meet the highest industry benchmarks, ensuring your safety and success in demanding environments.

Elevate Your Backcountry Experience: The BCA Dozer 1T UL Shovel epitomizes strength, innovation, and functionality. Whether you're navigating challenging terrains or preparing for potential emergencies, this shovel equips you with the tools to handle any situation. Experience the evolution of avalanche rescue tools with the BCA Dozer 1T UL Shovel – where strength meets innovation for unparalleled performance.

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