Arv 84 Long R + Em10 Gw 20-21

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The Armada ARW 84 skis with EM10 GripWalk bindings are amazing skis and bindings for the tweener skier who's looking to carve out a signature on the mountains and the sport of skiing. Fun, light, and incredibly easy to ski, the Armada ARW 84 skis with bindings are an awesome twin-tip and freestyle-oriented ski with an all-mountain and freeride personality. For a simple ski, this setup has a lot going on, including the use of a light weight poplar wood core and a turned-up tail. For skiers looking for a ski that's durable, fun, and poppy, this is the combo you should be looking for. Armada has a great reputation for quality and energy and fun in the world of skiing, and it makes a lot of sense that these skis and bindings go together for the modern tweener skier looking for that fun-loving twin tip. These sks come in 156, 163, and 170 cm lengths, so if you're in the market for that teenager/pre-teen/young adult length ski with a fun-loving personality and an all-mountain character, the Armada ARW 84 follows a long line of skis that the company has spent a lot of years building up to. In the park, you'll be able to take off, land, and ski switch around the features, and the balanced feel lends to stability in the air, whether you're trying to spin that extra 180-degrees or just launching some mammoth straight-airs looking for maximum hang-time.


  • Sidecut: 112/84/105 at 163
  • Turn Radius: 16.5 m at 163
  • EM 10 Gripwalk Bindings
  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Twin Tip Shape
  • Cap Construction
  • 2.4 Impact Edge
  • Positive Camber
  • Ability Level: Intermediate and Advanced Skiers

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