Josiah / Crystal 2023

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Introducing the JOSIAH, the signature sunglass of Olympian and six-time X Games medallist—Josiah Wells. The JOSIAH is for anyone wanting to make an impression that counts—fast. It’s bold yet refined features provide a style reminiscent of a time since past, thrust forth into the contemporary era. The JOSIAH combines sleek and stylish accents in a down-the-line frame to instill confidence in even the most reserved wearers. Designed by Jossi, worn by Jossi, and wielded for your wearing pleasure, boasting a rectangular profile and minimalist wordmark logo in a unique range of acetate colorways; this is not one you want to sleep on. “The design ethos behind the frame was to harness the confidence accustom in action sports & instill that into an item in which the wearer can carry that confidence into everyday life. Each colorway designed for thriving in a different environment, the JOSIAH is straight to the point, the sharp shooter in any situation.” —Josiah Wells 

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